All our hard ciders are made from organically grown apples.


Santa Cruz Scrumpy Organic Hard Ciders

Toast & Jam-barrel Fermented Black Cider

Prickly Pear/Thai Chili Pepper Hard Cider

Purposely PimpIn Hard Cider

100% heirloom New Town Pippin apples from a half century old orchard in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Specialty Products

Fortified Hard Cider

This dessert cider was created by blending apple brandy distilled from our cider, fresh apple juice, and dry apple cider.  


Apple & Cherry

This cider was created to express the sweeter dessert apple flavors complimenting the cherry throughout. 

Pomegranate Cider

Apple & Pomegranate 

This cider was created by harmoniously blending in bright pomegranate flavors with complex apple aromas. Food friendly and complex. 

Organic Dry Cider

Pure Apple

This cider was created to express more of the exotic, tropical, and farmhouse characteristics of traditional ciders. 

Santa Cruz Scrumpy Organic Dry Cider

Barrel Fermented Cider

This limited production cider was created using techniques often utilized in barrel-fermented chardonnays, expressing the apple flavors with complimenting oak accents. 

Santa Cruz Scrumpy Pomegranate Cider made with Apples and Pomegranate
Santa Cruz Scrumpy Chider made with Apple and Cherry

Hard Cider

Pure Apple

Balance is key in this cider, from complex apple aromas, to a flavorful, full-bodied palate, to the lingering finish.  This cider has something for everyone.  

Flagship Products

Santa Cruz Scrumpy Hard Cider made with Pure Apple