Santa Cruz Scrumpy Organic Hard Ciders


There is an old saying within the wine industry; “wine is made in the vineyard”.   Over the last 35 years of winemaking at Hallcrest Vineyards, this theory has been proven time and time again.  This same philosophy has been extended into the production of our ciders. We choose to source only high quality organically grown apples from the Santa Cruz Mountains
and the Pacific Northwest.  Our chosen blend of apples are pressed offsite with the juice being delivered the same day.

​We utilize multiple fermentations per batch each with a selected white wine yeast strain. Our fermentations are long and slow, typically between 4 and 5 weeks with the goal of retaining the delicate aromas.   Once dry, the cider is racked, and filtered to prevent any secondary fermentation. We approach the blending process of our ciders in the same way we do all of our wines, with the emphasis on creating a complete and balanced beverage, not one that excels mono-dimensionally.  We bring in fresh organic apple juice for a back sweetener, as well as accenting flavor concentrates depending on the blend. Final filtration occurs, followed by bottling and packaging. Our ciders are intentionally low in carbonation in order to enhance the aromas without comprising the natural body in the cider. Nowhere in the production process do we add any sort of sulfite, sorbate, or preservative. Instead we choose to pasteurize after the product is bottled to prevent any further fermentation. The entire process is treated with the intent to maximize the quality of our raw ingredients while utilizing a non-internationalist, non-additive approach to our end product. 

When enjoying our ciders, we hope you take a minute to acknowledge the time and hard work that went into crafting the contents of your glass. 

All our hard ciders are made from organically grown apples.