All our hard ciders are made from organically grown apples.


Santa Cruz Scrumpy Organic Hard Ciders

John Schumacher

Owner/Chef De Pomme

Keith FlicksSystem Cidermaker
John Schumacher is Cidermaker at Surf City Cider

About Us

First and foremost, we are winemakers with a passion for also making cider. All of the Surf City Cider products are crafted at the historic Hallcrest Vineyards Winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Continuous wine production has occurred on this property since 1945.  Our ciders have the unique privilege to come of age side by side with award winning Pinot Noir and Organic Wines. With over 35 years of innovative winemaking experience and the prestige of being the first organically certified winery in the country allows, our ciders are produced under these philosophies.  We choose to source only organically grown apples from the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Pacific Northwest. Much like vintages in wine, we acknowledge that each blend of apples will be slightly different depending on the year, even the time of year.  Much like the delicacies in white winemaking, we approach our cider fermentations with the emphasis on utilizing white wine yeast who contribute complexing aromas and fermentation health.

​Our cider making team thusly approaches blending each batch separately, stylistically creating the same product without adhering to a recipe or compromising quality.   As with blending our wines, our ciders are crafted with the focus on aromas, flavor, finish, body, and food pairing.  We would suggest you pour our cider into a Belgium beer glass or a wine glass to maximize the aromas.

With 25 years of making sulfite free wine, we understand that preservatives are not a necessity, and choose to not add any sulfites, sorbates, or preservatives to any of our cider products

We hope you enjoy our product as much as we enjoyed crafting it.